Senior Projects Guided



            1.   Elizabeth M. Siwek, "Radiographic detection of Flaws in Honeycomb Panels"



            1.   Mark Grethen, "A Smart Composite Truss for Space Station Freedom"

            2.   Stephen C. Petzold, “Space Station Freedom, Where It Has Been and Where It Is Going"

            3.   Kevin M. Hinners, "Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy Composites"

            4.   Jason Ting, "A Preliminary Study of the Nondestructive X-Ray Method in Quantitative Estimating the Composition of Bimetallic Alloys"

            5.   Dana R. Hall, "Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Advanced Composites"

            6.   Polyvious Greoriades, "Design and Fabrication of a Graphite Disk Wheel"



            1.   Brent Anderson, “An investigation into the use of Fiber Optics as Strain Measuring Device"

            2.   Jawad D. Mokhtar, "Determination of a linear relationship between ultrasonic c-scan and FEA”



            1.   Tony L. Buttz, "Composite Baseball Bat Fabrication & Test"

            2.   Jeff A. Hauswirth, "Graphics Supplement for Existing Composite Stress Analysis Code"

            3.   Mark D. Taylor, "Impact Damage on Composite Laminates-Tensile Behavior"



            1.   Mark J. Bitzes, "The Effect of Light and Severe Damage on the Dynamics of Composite Plates"

            2.   Mark Verhulst, "A Study of Damaged Graphite/Epoxy Bicycle Tubes"

            3.   Christopher M. Afful, "Quality Control Method for Cross-Plied Carbon Composites"



            1.   Jon W. Heim, "Comparison of Ultrasonic NDE Technique Effectiveness on Composites"

            2.   Azmi Bin Ahmad, "Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Temperature Effects on Composites"



            1.   Richard Seeman, “Effect of Elevated Temperature and Moisture Content on the Ultimate Composite Strength of T300/5200 Graphite/Epoxy Composite Material”

            2.   Siao-Ching Yeang, “Investigation of the Failure at Bolted Single Lap Joints of Composite Materials”

3.      Simon Haxton, “Use of Composites in Bicycle Frame Design”




1.      Jonathan Hicks, “Design and Fabrication of a Composite Bicycle Crank”




1.       Tricia Devore, “Alternate Porosity Standards Using Ultrasound”




1.      Brian Galvin, ”Composite design and manufacturing of the AerE 462 blended wing body project”

2.      Jeremy D. Roth, “Aerodynamic and structural modeling of an existing wing configuration”




16.  Rory Eisel & Jesse Hilton, “An Experimental study of the Gluhareff G8-2-130R”




1.      Christopher Narvison, Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Space Truss.




1.      Paul Anhalt, “Composite Replacement of Honeycomb tructures

2.      Nicholas D.Morrow and Adam J. Christians, “Analytical and Experimental Study of an Aircraft Landing Gear”

3.      Daniel A. Kult, “Frequency and Modal Analysis of a Composite Golf Shaft”

4.      Ben Aga, Fabrication and Testing of Composite Football Helmet”

5.      Matthew J. Kettering, Composite Design of Cockpit Door Structure for Commercial Aircraft.




1.      J Hansen, Fuselage design  Brendan

2.      Harwinder Sahota, Stress concentrations in composites 

3.      Marcela Zelaya , Weapon recoil absorption for shotguns    

4.      Brian C. Zias , Dynamics of composite sandwich panels using experiments and FEM

5.      Bobby Biel , Wing root joint design and analysis 

6.      Michael Felten , Composite Snowboard

7.      Renee M Esch , Design and fabrication of downhill skis

8.      John Anastos , Main spar design for AirISU 

9.      C Grubb , Construction and testing of aircraft skins for the AirISU project 

10.  Daniel McBrady, Firewall and engine mount design and analysis for a light sport aircraft

11.  Ben Kilburg, Firewall and engine mount design… LSA II

12.  Devin A. Riles, Design, fabrication, and evaluation of a composite driveshaft 

13.  Brent Popadych, Performance and evaluation of a fiberglass hockey shaft

14.  Composite "Y" bicycle frame I  Nathan Knop

15.  Composite "Y" bicycle frame II  Tyler Leggett

16.  Chris Uhl, Resonant frequency determination in solid structures for NDE

17.  Ryan Sandbek, Ultrasonic NDT of micro-cracking in a composite sample 

18.  Molly Olson, Modeling and analysis of building roofs for the ISU tornado simulator




1.      Jonathan E. Erdmann, Good Vibrations: Safer Tennis Racket Design with Tuned Mass Dampers.

2.      Cody A Morrow, Large Composite Curing Oven and Autoclave

3.      Allan D. Ball, Rockoon Mission and Rocket Design.




1.      Chris Mehring : Composite Snowboard

2.      Sterling Frison

3.      Brett Jackson : Design and Manufacture of a R/C Aircraft Wing

4.      Kent Penney : Structural Optimization

5.      Mike Stevi:  Composite Repair

6.      Russell Strope: Composite Snowboard

7.      Peter Weller: NDE of Compostive Samples

8.      Ben Hutcheson & Tim Erbes: Composite Trebuchet




1.      Mohd. Ramjis: Manufacturing of Composite-blade Wind Turbine

2.      Eric Baurichter: Testing and Construction of Composite Wind Turbine Blades

3.      Alica Kuhlman: Structural Design and Construction of a UAV

4.      Andrew Cinnamon: Structural Analysis og a Formula One Racecar Front Suspension Design

5.      Katarzyna Szemplinska: Composite Wheel

6.      Philip Paschka: Composite Tailoring of Aeroelastic Properties

7.      Krunal Patel: Business Jet wing analysis

8.      Vishal Patel: Preliminary Design of an Emergency Diesel Generator Room

9.      Brett Barnes - Composite Pool Cue

10.  Daniel Hult - Design of a Composite Wing with Leading Edge Discontinuity




Independent study Project: Honors program




            Marcus A. Runyan, "Preliminary Design of an Earth Orbiting Space Station"



            Angela Swanson, “Load Distribution in a Riveted Joint”

            Jonathan Fortney, “NDE of Soybean Seeds”